ZRK is committed to sourcing all of its timber from responsibly managed forests. All of our manufacturing facilities have the capacity to produce products as per European standards. We aim to deliver the highest level of achievement as a standard across all our business functions. The result of which is a company that is responsive to dependable and dedicated customer service without compromising safety standards and the environment.

  • ZRK is committed to sourcing all of its raw material form sustainable tree plantations and is the vanguard in promoting sustainable agroforestry across the industry.

  • ZRK Group does not use Coniferous species nor Shisham from the plain areas in making MDF & particle boards (endorsed by the Pakistan Forest Institute).

  • The MDF Industry plays a major role in encouraging farmers of plain areas and wastelands to plant more and more trees (endorsed by the Pakistan Forest Institute).

  • Sustainable Agroforestry is a source of cash crop income for thousands of families in the rural areas of Pakistan.

  • MDF Industry is protecting and conserving the natural forest of Pakistan by providing a substitute of timber for both the construction and furniture industry.

  • The new continuous press plant is the only one of its kind in Pakistan and has the lowest carbon footprint in the Pakistan MDF Industry.


Emissions are fumes which create high levels of discomfort such as burning in the eyes and throat. ZRK Group is the largest wood-based panel industry in Pakistan producing MDF and Particleboard and Pakistan’s only European Standards (E1) Emissions “Tears Free” MDF Boards. ZRK maintains its E1 Emissions Standard by virtue of its own and European Standard (E1) Glue Plant, State of the art Laboratory, and Emission Testing Equipment.

MethodEmission LevelEmission ValueUnit
EN 717-2E1<_ 10mg/m2/hour
EN 717-2E2<_20mg/m2/hour
EN 717-2E3>20mg/m2/hour


ZRK GroupE18mg/m2/hour
Local MDF Manufacturer 1E338mg/m2/hour
Local MDF Manufacturer 2E345mg/m2/hour
Local MDF Manufacturer 3E336mg/m2/hour
E1 Very Safe
E2 Harmful
E3 Dangerous
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