ZRK Group is the largest Wood Based Panel Industry player in Pakistan producing MDF and Particleboard. With the most modern state of the art plant, equipment and experienced human resource, we are setting the highest standards of product quality. ZRK has the distinction of owning Pakistan’s largest and most advanced manufacturing plant in Pakistan. ZRK is the only MDF manufacturer in the country that has its own resin (glue) plant.

Our strength lies in the years of experience, production capacity, quality and investment in new technologies. We are fulfilling not only the local demand for MDF and particle boards, but also the catering the demands of our international. ZRK has a team of 600 skilled industry professionals who are able to deliver under most testing circumstances. We can comply with the needs of demanding customers. Most frequently we produce Chipboard, Medium Density Fibreboards (MDF), High-Density Fibreboards (HDF), Laminated Medium Density Fibreboards, Laminated Chipboard and other top-quality wood-based particleboards.

The ZRK Group’s state of the art manufacturing plant is built on international standards and delivers at optimum productivity, quality and efficiency. Our core team of forty professional experts and engineers, consist of ten nationalities from four continents. We invest in future technologies that enable us to continually improve processes, productionand quality of our products. Our MDF and particleboard are known to withstand the most severe conditions. European standards are used to  produce a wide range of quality products.


Our vision is to produce environmentally-friendly and high-quality wood-based products like MDF, Particleboard, and downstream products through a well-managed forestation program and a committed workforce. Also, to excel in all operations by improving production processes and reducing cost.

To achieve long-term growth whilst maintaining our reputation as the leading producer delivering satisfaction and confidence to our valued customers by delivering the best customer experience in the market.


ZRK endeavours to be the global leader in the vertically integrated wood-processing industry, blending advance technology with innovative thinking and sustainable sourcing.

The success of the ZRK Group is largely attributed to the insight, vision and in-depth experience of its management team along with the dedication of its staff. The group is unparalleled in knowledge and expertise and is the only player in Pakistan’s wood-based panel industry that is run by leading international and national experts.


ZRK Group’s glorious journey began 25 years ago, at our small veneering plant in Peshawar. Over the years, the Group has evolved and transformed into the biggest and technologically most advanced MDF & particleboard manufacturing company in Pakistan.

Our products are used extensively in the complete spectrum of building material furniture, interior design, kitchens, doors, wardrobes and more. Our success comes from the pursuit of excellence in all our areas of operation. This is a key driver within ZRK and is integral to how we manage our business.


ZRK Group is committed to being an international leader in the wood processing industry. ZRK Group has prudent and aggressive plans for future growth and will continue to lead the way in the wood-based products industry. The ZRK Group will continue its pursuit to reach new horizons with constant investments in Research & Development.

Our vision is to be a world-class vertically integrated Wood-Processing Industry, blending advanced technology with innovative thinking, a strong dedication to quality, and a commitment to total customer satisfaction.


“ZRK has the distinction of owning the World’s most advanced manufacture Plant in Pakistan only seven of its kind exists in the world. This pioneering development began 25 years back at our facility in Peshawar, Pakistan. Today, MDF and chipboards are one of the most popular materials used in the furniture and construction industries. ZRK continues to be a leader in MDF production and development. MDF is designed to exacting tolerances, to give you peace of mind that the product you are using is engineered to perform. Investing in the next generation we were the best MDF manufacturer and suppliers in Pakistan and Afghanistan having 80% of the Market share and now ZRK is knocking doors in Central Asia.

The Emissions free status was achieved by our own resin plant and the only one to do so in Pakistan.

At ZRK, all our facilities are regularly visited by a team of foreign experts. So, there is always something better to strive for and a new standard to be met. This combines with our open approach to business. ZRK is a name you can trust to deliver and to keep its promises.

We are never complacent. This means constantly looking at improving our manufacturing process – by investing in plant, energy conservation, and new product development. So, when you specify ZRK product line you know you are buying a product that is the best it can be.



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  • MDF Unit 2 – Thin Line

  • Peshawar Particle Board Industries

  • Formalin & Resin Plant Units

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  • Lacquering Line

  • Lamination Lines – 1 Through 10
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